What you should know about how to create products that people love.

What you should know about how to create products that people love.

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Do you know products that are well built or at an affordable price, and yet people do not run out to buy it? On the other hand, you have seen products that were not built - from the beginning with a lot of quality -, or their price is extremely high, but when going out to the market there is a line of people waiting for them.

Let's be honest! have you asked yourself, do people love my products?

Purchasing patterns have changed a lot in recent years, and while it is true that achieving a successful and solid brand takes time, we must ask ourselves: what makes people love a product, and keep buying it again and again? [Insert thinker's emoticon here]

A product is not just the physical product or service that you sell.

The product is the complete experience that a customer gets from knowing the product for the first time, and the relationship that is built up after completing the sale.

The products or services must have a purpose, a story. Behind the need that is covered, there must be a reason why it is done. Clients relate themselves with the story and decide - whether they want to or not - to know more about a product or service. Before launching a product or service it is necessary to take time to define these concepts. This helps to have clear the needs that the product solved, the inspiration for which it was created, what audience it is directed to, how it will be built and what are the core values ​​by which the company is governed.

As you analyze the consumption patterns of the product you will be able to better define the audience and adjust the product in favor of it. However, it is very important to have a base from which to start. This starting point not only highlights you as an entrepreneur, but attracts the attention of outside talent who will seek to collaborate or work in your company - attracted by your history, vision and mission. A product that people love must be loved first by the organization and the people who build it.

Reading the book "How to Build a Business That People Love and Be Happy Doing it", by Brian De Haaf, co-founder and CEO of ¡Aha! I came across some fundamental needs that satisfy the products that people love. Here I paraphrase some of them:

1. Utility - The product or service meets a real need.

You must know your customer and be sure that the product or service meets their needs and is in accordance with your financial capabilities.

Think about the products you buy and continue to buy faithfully, would you continue to buy them if they do not solve your real needs?

2. Meets and exceeds customer expectations.

From the beginning, be real with your client, meet their expectations and direct your product towards innovation. Customers are used to being disappointed by the companies they buy from, but they always hope that an organization will surprise them. Integrate that WOW factor to customer service and offer them the extra mile, they will love you.

It has happened to you that you receive the wrong product or it does not meet your expectations. How do you feel, when without prior notice, you receive the correct product, on time and without additional cost? That's a WOW, right?

3. Integrity - Your people and your organization reflect their values ​​and act with integrity.

You must be clear about your purpose, values, vision and mission. You and your organization must live by them and these will be the inspiration to continue giving a complete product service and improving each day with transparency towards your client.

4. Journey - People change, companies change and customers change.

People change, organizations change, products change, and your client's needs can also change. There will be times when you must accept that your product is not the solution for everyone, and if it is necessary to help your client to get the alternative that fits their needs.

In order people love your product - do not focus solely on the product or physical service - you must design a complete product experience. The same goes from the customer knows your product or organization for the first time, the shopping experience, customer service and the relationship established through communication and continues interaction even after the sale. Breathe, and think of your product as an experience; what inspires you, what makes you feel while you use it, while you consume it, while you promote it. Make sure that your people, your organization, your clients and yourself live the experience of your product, and that it is positive.

If your customers love your product and are happy with the service you offer them, they will not only be faithful to everything you undertake, but they will become your promoter.




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