Hi, I'm Ileana

Hello! Im Ileana Baez, the puertorrican designer behind LEAP TO TREND. With a background in Product Management and Photography, in 2018 I launched Leap To Trend to create powerful reminders, affirmations and inspiring messages through Typography Art.

My style embraces latino culture in the world, vibrant colors and good funny vibes, designed to empower women - and everyone who loves this style - to own their power and achieve their dreams.

  • Books I’ve Recently Read? Atomic Habits, PMBok and a way to more.

    Favorite podcast? Daily hope with Rick Warren & everything on Self improvement.

    New Hobby?
    Canvas painting and procreate.

    Favorite vacations?
    Going on a road trip with my family.

  • Something weird about me?
    I have studies in screenplay writing .

    Something you did that you thought you couldn't do.
    Waking up at 5am everyday, do crossfit and running a 10k.

    Morning routine
    Coffee, meditation, listen to my favorite podcasts and running.