The true power behind your motivation and success.

The true power behind your motivation and success.

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Starting your day by reading motivational messages can give you the boost you need to get out of bed and try to conquer the world, but - let's be honest - is that enough to help you act and achieve your goals?


I'll share some tips, so you can align your positive attitude and your desire to "conquer the world" with a correct and effective strategy. - OK, I already read your mind. You ask yourself: - Is this necessary?

[insert Emoji of woman dancing here] Yes, and I'll explain why.

Having the right motivation is necessary to align our mindset with our goals, and overcoming adversity, but is that enough? In many cases no and I’ll explain. Sometimes we have a positive mood to start working on our goals, but not having a clear plan of where we are going decrease that motivation and the lack of consistent action can discourage you to the point of making you quit.

You must have a strategy that inspires you to take action and a growth mindset.

This will allow you to take small steps toward your goal and understand that failure can be part of the journey - not as a limitation - but rather as an opportunity for growth. Success depends on many factors, including planning, adjusting and trying consistently.

What happens when you insist on making your business idea successful and every morning you look to motivate yourself as if it were the first time that idea came to your mind?

It sounds good, right? If you tell me all those things to me, I'll tell you that it sounds wonderful, although ... you must have a strategy of consistent action. Motivation must produce enough energy in you to take action. You're ready to take action, and now what? This is where you must have a plan driving for results.

Of course, I am clear that getting up motivated daily is the best of the beginnings, much more than a coffee? Hahaha, well we can talk about that in another post. I am convinced that you have what it takes to achieve your goals!

Here I’m going to share some tips that will help you use the energy that motivates you and turn it into consistent action.

Here we go!

1. Conviction and determination

You must have an idea of ​​what you want to do and your why? Yes, start with why. If you still do not have it clear, take time to think about your idea and what you feel when you think about it. Visualize yourself achieving your goal and think "out of the box" in all the possibilities you have to get it and validate it. In this way you can be clear if there are enough reasons to go on this adventure.

Once you have a clear idea, the right attitude and you are determined to achieve it, it is time to plan your strategy.

2. Imperfect Planning

The planning process may seem tedious, but it is necessary to anticipate where you are going and what you need to achieve it. Once you have the roadmap of what you need you can start with the minimum necessary and then scale your idea to the next level.

Focus! It only includes the minimum necessary, your plan does not have to be perfect because it will always change along the way.

If you stay in step 1, you will continue changing your ideas and you’ll no executing them.

3. Define your goals

Define specific, measurable, Achievable, realistic objectives and establish the time in which each of them should begin and end.

Now you have an action plan. You know what you want and how you can achieve it, and you know who you need to include in this plan to reach your goal.

4. Less fear and more confidence

Many of our fears are unfounded, but if you do not face them they can stop you. Write down your fears and look for information. Sometimes what you fear so much is something that you lack, such as a skill to learn, a person to hire, a help to request, or an additional step that you must execute.

Most fears are attacked by informing you. – Take action.

5. Time Management

You must be very jealous in managing your time. It's yours, use it to your advantage. Be cautious with those activities that distract you from your goal. At some point we spend a lot of time doing things that do not add value to our business or our ideas, get away from those!

Take advantage of the time available, especially on the mornings where you have more energy and your mind is clearer.

6. Do not quit! Consistency is your best ally

You must recognize that achieving your goal requires time and effort. When you feel overwhelmed or discouraged because your goals are taking more time than expected, breathe, look at your achievements and understand that reaching the goal takes time and consistency.

Take a day off, but do not quit!

The truth is that motivation is not enough to achieve your goals because motivation is an emotion that tends to decrease. The power is in take action. Align your motivation with an action strategy and you will be more than ready to launch your adventure and achieve success.

Let's the adventure begin! and enjoy every little step you take in it.

Together, we can make it happen

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