Leaving your excuses behind: 5 powerful lessons to take action, Today

Leaving your excuses behind: 5 powerful lessons to take action, Today

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Let’s be honest. Are you one of those who have thousands of ideas in your head, but fear and obstacles start appearing? Are you afraid of the obstacles that you can face in the long run? You know you require abilities that you don’t have and you get scared of trying it and to fail? However, what will you do if you don’t generate income?

You’re not alone, the times that I have given a step forward to try something new I have given 10 steps back because I faced so many uncertainty’s.

What stands out of those that have been able to achieve what they have been planning so much, is the action. Those who go out and act, are the ones that learn from their mistakes, correct them and try it again until it works.

Here I leave you some of the lessons that have helped me leave my excuses behind and to start working with my ideas without waiting for perfection in everything I do. How about we give it a look together?

1. Planning before starting - Without planning, your ideas always seem unreachable.

  • Create an idea list.
  • Organize your ideas by themes.
  • Simplify and determine the minimum to be able to begin or plan. – which means prioritize.
  • Establish goals by months then later by weeks.
Do you realize that you can determine what you need to be able to begin, when you can start and how much money you need to achieve it?, and the people and resources necessary to achieve it are already emerging in your mind.

What before seemed impossible, now has a path. A roadmap.

2. Keep Learning - Ehhh!, don’t make mistakes to think that you know everything and that there's nothing new to learn.

The best investment that you can make is in yourself. Instruct yourself. Share with others that have the same vision of what you want to achieve or where you want to reach. Participate in activities of networking.

Don’t be scared of the unknown or to learning things that are out of your current experiences or studies.

A few months ago, I began instructing myself in digital marketing. I’m not an expert but I know what I must do, where to find the resources and who can help me in this area.

3. Change your mindset - Be around people that have a positive mindset and friends who can serve as a mentor in the middle of the learning process you are undertaking. In turn, surround yourself with people to whom you can contribute through your good spirit and your experiences so that together you can see the growth and enjoy this trip.

Because as you already know, this is not about reaching the end but about enjoying and learning along the way.

Good cheer is like a bank account, if you do not deposit in it constantly - you run out. Do not invest your time depositing in your mind fears, bad thoughts, or absurd reasons not to continue moving forward.

4. Make an Inventory of Strengths - Make an inventory of your strengths, and if it helps you make a list of your weaknesses so that you never concentrate on them [Insert "rolling eyes" face here] - never focus on them, but you must be aware that they are there.

As an exercise, every time I feel discouraged or think I will not be able to achieve my goal, I access my Strengths Inventory. The strength inventory is a list of achievements you have had, skills, your life and work experience, and everything that makes you stand out. When I read the list, I am transported, and I relive that moment of achievement that is described there.
At the end of the reading, I feel #badass and ready to try again. Try it, and you'll see how powerful it is.

5. Enjoy your life and keep a balance - Take a Breath, and don’t allow your goals to overwhelm you. Remember that you do this to feel happy doing something that inspires you and you are passionate about it.  

If you decide to take out time for yourself, practice on disconnecting from your phone, social networks and emails. My phone remains in silence mode and I verify it from time to time. This helps me to minimize anxiety of answer every call, text or email that I receive while I focus on what I am doing at the moment.

Healthy eating, exercise, sleep well, meditate, and spend quality time with your family and loved ones are the basis to activate your productivity at work and in turn focus on your family when you are sharing with them.

Self-confidence is the key to success in everything you undertake. Do Not let anyone dictate your destiny or minimize your confidence. Stand firm before your goals and let them know that they are no longer-unreachable.

Today you begin to take action and to move forward.

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