Highly Productive? 5 Signs You're On The Edge

Highly Productive? 5 Signs You're On The Edge

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The fear of not being good enough

In a society where we share everything we do - through social media - being a creator, innovator or a highly productive person can seem fascinating - but let's be honest - this is not always that easy.

Highly achievers’ people can overcome adversity and achieve everything they set out to do. However, added to the challenges we face in society, productive people also must challenge: The fear of not being good enough.

When a person is highly productive is constantly looking for a new idea to undertake, a task to complete or a new challenge using each achievement as the energy that drives them to move forward. It sounds good, right? Yes, but in addition to the anxiety that this can cause, the fear of not being enough can also come to our mind. It's when you ask to yourself, will I be able to do this? feeling anxiety and self-doubt.

Why is this happening?

Highly productive people often engage in each task, in each project, in each activity, in each challenge presented to them, feeling indispensable and affirming their value for each achievement or goal they achieve. This constant cycle of production cannot trigger anything other than anxiety which leads to tiredness.

If it seems familiar or you are constantly with the stress of producing results, you should be aware of the following signs of tiredness - that our body sends us - to take immediate action. Here I share 5 signals that can help to identify the anxiety for being highly productive.

  • Losing interest or love for what you do
  • Tiredness to the point that it is difficult to stay focused and / or generate new ideas.
  • Anxiety that prevents us from enjoying daily activities and / or sleeping.
  • Depression and / or boredom when we do not have the "adrenaline rush" generated by the work environment.
  • Fear of not being enough to fulfill responsibilities when results and experience prove otherwise.

After living for a long time with the constant anxiety of delivering results and the adrenaline rush produced by demanding job positions, our body gets used to it, and it becomes a lifestyle. In short, we need that adrenaline to feel competitive and enough because otherwise we get depressed.

This lifestyle is not healthy. Now, we all can choose and change the course of what we are doing.

We must activate our power of choice.

Yes, that power that we sometimes give in voluntarily and unconsciously.

Choosing us first is a daily reaffirmation exercise. It is the daily exercise of reaffirming our value - For who we are - and not for the number of things we have achieved. Uff, this is not easy! As part of this exercise it is necessary to take a step back, decrease the workload and consciously decide what to focus our energy on. It is in this way that we achieve those projects we always wanted to do, but there was never time because we were busy with someone else's project.

We all can abandon the anxiety that causes us to be highly productive. Learning to live without anxiety is a process that takes time and requires courage. It is time to be free of anxiety and start living our happiness, as the first choice.

You are enough! You Don't Need to Prove Yourself To Anyone.


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