Create your own opportunities: 5 actions you should take

Create your own opportunities: 5 actions you should take

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Updated: May, 20219

When I was little, my father would always talk to me about having our own business.  So, many times, I would sit next to him to read the newspapers where they sold or rented coffee shops in our town. My father - and people who knew him they know he was a great cook-. so, we always had the idea of having our own café. 

When I felt that I’ve found the perfect spot and at a perfect price, my father exposed me to so many truths. Therefore, I didn’t understand it at that time but now I do. “We didn’t have options” We didn’t have money, we didn’t have knowledge in business management, we didn’t have legal advice, at last, we didn’t have alternatives to make a business prosper.

The truth? My dad had his mind full of limitations and impediments that didn't allow him to see what his options were and where his opportunities were; beyond his daily work.

After many years, and maybe without realizing I studied a Profession that guided me to many options and opportunities. In the industry of “Software development” I learned to solve problems, to look for alternatives, to provide solutions and options. I learned that everything is possible, beyond false expectations.

In addition, I learned to be constantly growing "growth mindset", which allows me to be ready in different areas to say yes when opportunities arise.

Today, I give thanks to God for all the opportunities. The ones that are right in front of us and the ones were capable of looking for, the ones we can create to make a new path and to OPEN A PATH FOR OTHERS.

How can you create your own opportunites? Check this 5 actions that helps you to identifiy what your options and opportunities are.

1. Identify your options and opportunities: Make a list of your skills, what are you passionate about and your work-life experiences, and begin to identify which are the unique options and opportunities that you probably have in each of them, and Innovate. This is one of the first steps to start the journey that takes you from where you are today to where you want to go in the future.

2. Train your mind to see and create opportunities where before you only saw limitations. If in your mind or in your kids, there is an idea do not wait until it is perfect to put it into action. Start with the little things you have now and the things you have ahead of you but, Start now.

3. Be Ready - Don't wait until the opportunity arise to start being ready  because it will be too late. Since you know which opportunities or options you're seeking, start by getting ready. Whether leveling up skills, changing your mindset or growing financially it is imperative that you can say I'm Ready, when that opportunity knock your door.

4. Don’t fear failure, because failure exists in the mind of those who don’t try. For entrepreneurs, failure is an opportunity to try it again and every time to do it better until it works.

5. Embrace everyone achievements, share and surrond yourself with those who are full of ideas and dreams, but above all entrepreneurs.

There are moments in life where opportunities can appear before us, but there are many others where we must  create our opportunities and be clear about our options. There are people who remain for a long time doing something they do not love to do and dissatisfied with the life they lead because they have not taken the time to list their options and see where their opportunities are.

Create a list of your options and opportunities. If you haven’t created one, today is a perfect day to create opportunities.

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