6 Tools and Tips to Hack your productivity.

6 Tools and Tips to Hack your productivity.

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Looking for new ways to hack your productivity?

Here I share with you some 6 tools and tips to hack your productivity one day at a time. Every time you need to stay focus and be productive take a look at this infographic and implement at least one of these tips and techniques.

1. Inbox Zero

How many emails do you have in your inbox right now?
I have great news for you! INBOX ZERO Keep your inbox empty all the time

2. To Do's and Reminders

Get things done! TO DO List apps (like Tick Tick, TODOist, WunderList) helps you prioritize your task, manage your time, and for everything else, just set a reminder.

3. Automation

Automate processes such as sending emails, proposals or social media posts. This way you will have your agenda advanced to seek new business opportunities.

4. Organizing your files

Save you hours of searching for files and information by creating a folder structure. A cloud service for backup your files is recommended. Also, use a naming convention (descriptive file names) that helps you find documents in seconds.

5. Outsourcing

Learn to delegate those tasks that are outside your expertise or take too long to perform them. Ask for help, outsource staff or create collaboration with other business owners. Success is not about trying to do everything.

6. Enjoy your life

Enjoy your life doing the things you love the most. Always take time to sleep, eat healthy, exercise, read, listen to music, spend time with the people you love, and SMILE.


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