Choose yourself first: Why Leap to Trend?

Choose yourself first: Why Leap to Trend?


On the morning of September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico island.

The entire island was left without power, running water and basic needs. I have two daughters who I had to provide the basic needs, and to my mother as well. We saw ourselves looking for fresh water, food and gas because everything was gone. We were desperate, and we didn’t have many options. People started dying as consequence of the hurricane, other left the island, while other people tried to live their lives as if everything was Ok. My mother lives on the countryside and it remained in denial of what was happening. She insisted on drinking water from places exposed to bacteria and possible diseases. Each day was a challenge to get food, water and we would pray for no one to get sick because hospital facilities were in critical condition. The desperation of the neighbors, coworkers, and relatives was immense. The little vestige of internet signal we could get was to look for options and seek communication with those who live on the outside of the island. They gave us courage to remain standing. One day I promised never to leave the beaches of my island and always to ensure that my country remained free in my compatriot’s mind.

I could not keep my promise.

For those days, I had received a promotion in my work. As a woman in technology - since college - I had been facing so many challenges, and this was the opportunity which I had waited a long time. I had great plans and many expectations for the company, for the team and as a business woman as well. It was not easy but it was necessary.

I chose myself and my family first. I resigned from my job.

In the last months I have faced many challenges that have started from starting my own business to being a stay-at-home mom. I have had moments of joy and moments of frustration, but I didn’t regret was choosing myself before others interests. I‘m happy with my family and enjoy spending quality time with them. There are decisions that are not easy to make in our lives but our heart tells us that it is time. Our heart let’s us know that it is necessary to make the choice for a better life. Do not let others decide for you. Go right or wrong, take your own - informed - active decisions because even when you are not making a decision you are allowing others to decide for you - one way or another.

Choose who you want to be, CHOOSE YOURSELF and choose your happiness before anything.

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